Playing while waiting for the movies


I think this was before Kung Fu Panda 2. I'm sure you can guess where.


So it's no mystery that I prefer loose, relatively baggy pants. Tried sweat pants, Thai farmer's pants, and a range of linen and drawstring trousers. Guess it's inevitable that I'd wear out my track pants as well (since I only use shorts at the gym). Wearing them with the blazer I customized for my brother's wedding.


Still getting the hang of fitting all my stuff in a briefcase. It takes immense discipline on my part, believe me. (I left a tote leaning against a wall somewhere.)


No, not practicing kung fu, karate, or whatever martial art. (I just hate queues and wish I could discreetly destroy these.)


I really love the collar of this kurta-like shirt. I wish they could come in heavier fabrics, as hybrids.


Movie theater turns into airport terminal. Needless to say, I enjoyed the movie. More than X-men: First Class. Nothing as enjoyable yet. Harry Potter, where are you?

Shirt, Zara; track pants, adidas; sandals, thrifted; briefcase, Bally

Photos by Patricia Suzara