Brown, rust, and red


Trust me, you wouldn't want to know why my hair appears straight out of bed. Moving to the next topic, I think I have mentioned before that for days when I neither have the inspiration nor the time to dress up according to how I feel (and sometimes, when I rush, i don't even know what this is), I rely on tested outfits.

I think I must have also mentioned that I trust monochrome — especially monochrome neutrals. Such outfits do not require that much thought, but they have the advantage of focussing your attention on different things. Bracelets and a portfolio clutch in this case.


Think what you may, but I am not saying whether the configuration of these accessories — bracelets made from tiger's eye beads, ethnic patterns, wood, and twine — has anything to do with my unkempt hair.


I do not even know why some friends have said it is better unstyled.

Francois Marot 01

For those who may not remember this envelope clutch I thrifted in Cubao, here it is again.

Tee, British India; jeans, Zara; laceups, Marlboro Classics; envelope clutch, thrifted

Outfit photos by Patricia Suzara