Breezy silhouette


I've worn these Thai farmer's pants before, with a similarly fitting jacket, but I haven't shown you just how comfy this pair can be, and, paired with a darker top, more expressive.


I like how the ribbed hem of my Muji jacket ends just at the top of the one-and-only pocket of the pants, which almost belongs to an apron. Hence, I have to carry my wallet and phone. (Murse, anyone?)


Big bad buttons! And my (mom's) hammered Hablo cuffs.


Look ma, no shoes! It takes a while to wear the farmer's pants since I have to fold the excess fabric on both sides before tying the string from the back. I don't have four hands, but elbows sure come "handy"! The bunching up of the extra cloth forms the creases, giving volume form. (I know I've been wearing these crocheted sandals to death, but they're so comfortable that I wear them every chance I get, especially work Fridays!)

thai farmers pants

See what I mean?


I know you know it's warm. Let me tell you a secret: I'm actually intentionally sweating to help lose that nasty gut! Seriously though, the jacket usually stays in the office. The remaining A.P.C. tee and trousers flow easily with any hint of breeze.


So flares are back for women, while wide, baggy trousers have never left my closet.

Jacket, Muji; tee, A.P.C.; trousers from Aldivinco, Davao; sandals, thrifted; cuff by Hablo

Photos by Patricia Suzara