Making a kimono work


Not to mention wearing it at work. I think it was inevitable that I couldn't sustain a "blazer week" of cameos for this blog, what with the unpredictable weather. I only had the idea of five days of jackets since it was raining a lot last week.

And then the sun decided to come out, singing.


So did my neglected white leather Fred Perry sneakers, which are starting to look like their Converse predecessors. Whatever happened to my embroidered Guccis, I wonder.


You must think my sweat is already dripping in buckets. It was high noon but I didn't flinch. I didn't have to.


Look at the wonderful zigzag and floral pattern of this kimono, even the matt texture. Wore a white polo shirt underneath so the pattern wouldn't be lost. Though I have worn this black on black, and the effect is still something else.


My new trusty friend you have already met. What I didn't tell you in my last post was that I had just bought this Bally brief on the same day since it was on sale from the label's Spring 2011 collection. What can I say? I love the lock, the durable handle, the soft calfskin leather, the fact that it sort of collapses when there's not much inside.

That has always been my idea of the perfect bag: soft leather, expandable yet durable enought to carry my laptop, some books, and my usual things. This Bally brief might just be it.


As the sun came out, so did my black roots. I must admit, I've been getting used to myself as a(n) (ash) blonde. Not just in terms of my "coloring" and matching how I look with my clothes, but also, with my attitude. Haha. It has been easier to be irreverent (though I don't really need help) when I'm not taken as seriously. For me, that is half the fun.


The brief is wider than my Cambridge satchel, but slim enough to look subtle. Though of course, the soft leather doesn't look nice when it's lumpy.


I'll be back to show you even more weather-friendly kimonos. Happy Sunday!

Polo shirt, Zara; jeans, Calvin Klein Jeans; leather sneakers, Fred Perry; briefcase, Bally; kimono, thrifted

Photos by Patricia Suzara