Grabbing the bull by the horns


Or buffalo, if you will. Since I chose to wear this buffalo plaid shirt last week as a jacket.


I have finally stopped dithering and decided on the design course I want to pursue, and am very excited with the prospects. I don't want to jinx anything, so I won't reveal the details until they are final.


I think it makes sense, since I love working with my hands and seeing first-hand the fruits of my labor. I can also work on more kinds of materials: the main aspect of fashion that first drew me to it.

I think it is better to tuck just one leg of your pants into your boots...


Oh and a little note on the buffalo shirt: it is actually for women, got it from the thrift store. It was missing a button, but when I was about to have one sewed in I discovered that the exposure works.

Wish me luck! And as with anything, lots of patience.

Dunhill shirt, I.P. zone buffalo shirt, satin necktie, Timberland boots, Property of… tote: all thrifted; jeans, Calvin Klein Jeans; belt, Izzue

Photos by Patricia Suzara