My latest fix: Authentic navy espadrilles

Espadrilles 01

It's been months seen I've wanted to buy espadrilles, but I just wasn't satisfied with the quality or the feel of the products being sold here. I think this purchase from Aldevinco in Davao City, in the country's southern region, is worth the wait.

Espadrilles 02

Nothing that I've seen here has the same combination of rope (I hope it's jute) and rubber, and though this pair may be less durable than what's available at Zara or similar retail chains, I would prefer these since they're closer to the traditional articles.

I presume cosido a mano calidad artesania means "hand-sewn, quality craftsmanship". My Spanish-speaking readers are free to correct me.

Espadrilles 03

I suppose this pair was made in Spain and just brought to Davao. If so, they would indeed be closer to the espadrilles worn in Catalonia from way back in the 14th century (so says Wiki). In any case, the feel of authenticity always adds to the experience — besides the fact that walking on rubber and rope is more comfortable than it looks.

Espadrilles 04

I've read about the difficulty with finding the right size for espadrilles. Since they are made from fabric, one is told to get something that fits smaller than snug to allow for the material to stretch. This has become a dilemma for my long-distance purchase. My mom had a size 37, but my toes were already half-folded, so I got a 38, which turns out a little loose, at least for one shoe.

I guess I will have to see. Won't be much of a problem since I have relatives in the south and the pair only cost me PhP650 (around US$13). What's more, I'm still thinking if I'll also get a black and/or brown pair.

I wore them out yesterday on another thrift shopping trip. Will tell you all about it tomorrow.