Ceil blue


I think I can breathe easier now—at least for the moment. With the lookbook shoot for Bosquejo's Hardware collection done (behind the scenes here and here), and with several pullout requests fulfilled, I have a very short lull before I need to start making new necklaces for both stores and direct clients. Finally I can show you the shirt that I had ordered from Drei Soriano (Will wear the matching pants soon.)


The color, I think, is ceil, which interestingly also refers to the act of lining or plastering the roof of a building (ceil-ing? con-ceil-ing?). I matched the shirt, which I wore as a jacket, with two necklaces from my Djinn collection (customized based on the piece "Gabrielle No 1") and with a polo shirt with buttons that resemble the stones.


What I loved the most about Drei's shirt were the zippers. Hopefully I can shed my gut so I can wear it as intended. And maybe with the matching tapered pants.

So what do you think? Are men ready for semi-precious stones? At first I was hesitant, even if the necklaces were black, but maybe it really just takes a little confidence (and some sleep) to sail through a new look.

Shirt, Drei Soriano; polo shirt, cK Calvin Klein; jeans, Sisley; belt, Nautica; boots, Timberland, thrifted