Black and relaxed

These have been the laziest of days. Quite evident with my lack of outfit posts. I don't even want to get up, much less put in some effort in dressing. Blame the rain, blame the dragging year, blame the dark and the lack of inspiration.

But I definitely cannot blame the color black, which is reliable in these times of indecision. Today, I decided I wanted the color in layers, mixed with a little navy blue. It's power lies in its ability to become instant armor.

Yes, I'm still in Manila. The reason why I can wear three top pieces is because of thickness. The bottom tee is really just an undershirt. Above it, is a thin, sheer, double-breasted cardigan that weighs almost as much as a scarf. The sweater, of course, is just for the office, and comes off once I leave the building.

I have found that it is possible to do layering in a tropical country, just as long as no single piece is thick. I have also found that it is alright to be lazy in coming up with an outfit, just as long as you have tried and tested a few reliable combinations.

(For those who work in Manila's central business district, can you guess which building I am in?)

Tee, G200; sheer cardigan, Zara; sweater, Muji; skinny jeans, Two Percent; nylon sneakers, Tretorn x Acne

Outfit photos by Patricia Suzara