New fabric bracelets from Divisoria

Fabric bracelets 01

I am happy to say that I am jumpstarting my Bosquejo accessories line. As proof of this, I was back today at Divisoria, the wholesale capital of the Philippines, and at Quiapo, where religious iconography meets commerce.

While I shop for materials for my necklaces, it is unavoidable that I stumble on unique or quirky finds, like these bracelets that give the feel of rope tied to timber on rafters, decks, and ships. Something natural and outdoors-y.

Fabric bracelets 02

It would be interesting to come up with different combinations in wearing them: together, in threes, or even more suitably, with silver and stainless steel. The contrast would allow both types of materials to be appreciated better.

Fabric bracelets 03

Yes, they do look like worms, and they would, needless to say, keep crawling in my imagination whenever I search for new ways of accessorizing.

Happy Saturday!