Amulet medallion necklace over henley

Sacre 02

Remember the first amulet medallion necklace I made? Well this is very similar, except that I have used an extra amulet and more kinds of beads. Also a stainless steel necklace instead of nylon.


Wearing it this time with a henley, which I think works better with the piece. A friend has asked me to design a similar necklace for his close model/actress friend. Come to think of it, this would go very well with a light cotton or linen shirt dress.

Sacre 01

I get giddy just thinking of the many variations possible! As I have mentioned, I want each and every accessory to be unique, if not as closely tailored to a personality as possible.


Feels like I'm back to high school craft class, which I was very fond of.

Henley, cK Calvin Klein; jeans, Jil Sander; belt, Brave Beltworks; scarf, thrifted; amulet medallion necklace, DIY; chain from Divisoria

Stainless steel 01

I could have worn the necklace separately, but I felt there was one button too many above it. So I used this chain. Am also planning to sell simple, chain-and-pendant necklaces for those who want something simpler and a lot lighter.