Total tote

Just bought this navy blue tote from a discount outlet of American Boulevard. Got it for PhP199.50 (about US$4).

Planned to remove the patch right after I got home, but decided to accessorize the bag instead. Placed on the left pocket some pins I collected on my travels, to balance the patch. The keychain fully personalizes the tote.

What drew me to it, besides its color, were the pockets. Two narrow and deep ones on each side - one good for a foldable umbrella and the other for a water bottle. The pockets in front can accomodate my camera, laptop wires, iPod, headphones, etc. Most often neglected, but highly appreciated, is an almost hidden zippered compartment on the other side of the tote - good for tissue, a folded newspaper, a magazine, or the current novel I'm reading.

Maybe also bills and receipts, but how can I even think of them when I just got this great bag for a steal. (And that's not even mentioning how much I like the button strap detail.)