Image wall

Took these pictures from five back issue magazines and taped them to a wall in my room.

As a writer, I have never been one for constant photographic documentation. I keep no photo albums. Instead, I prefer to rely on memories, which are edited versions of fact according to emotions, disposition, the way the sun shone that specific day...These do not make them less true, but in fact more accurate. Thus remembered, memories may cling closer to experience. They all flow in flux: light perceived in facets and in spectrum, transparent. Thus, they fall subtly but indelibly on paper.

But as an aspiring stylist, I may need to do more than simply summon them. I must have them in print, must be able to see the texture and color of recollection in order for them to be fused with each other, and with new impressions. I must touch images with my eyes to render them malleable in my imagination. They must dance of their own accord and by their own volition. All I have to do, like a photographer, is to tell them when to stop once the mix culminates in a perfect image. Then I translate this through clothes, the look of the model, the particular location: I reconstruct the scenario, which on the shoot, may still not be through with its dance of images.