L'Uomo Vogue: The Style and the Elegance, a tribute to photographers

English style is a never-ending beauty contest between the classic and the new. Miles Aldridge

A lot of pictures give the illusion that it was a private moment when in fact a whole team of people were involved. Richard Burbridge

My view on fashion photography is simple—it's just theatre! Alex Cayley

A good fashion photograph is based upon taste and style. It depends on what you place in front of the camera. If you place something that's lame in front of the lens you won't produce gold, the most you can expect is either brass or nickel. Walter Chin

(Stylish ceremony, an entire editorial by Walter Chin)

Fashion photography is a rather liberating genre for any photographer. In collaboration with models, stylists, make-up artists and hair stylists, its perpetrators explore, express, and reinterpret fantasy or reality...Freedom is all. For me fashion photography is subsumed within a fine-art context, so whilst it is veiled in commercial overtones, the underlying messages can be far more interesting and intriguing. A true art meets commerce adventure. Roger Deckker

To set up things together and wait for an emotion, wait for the unforeseeable. Sophie Delaporte

Only we the photographers can see into the picture, while others only see the surface. Greg Lotus

Photography is hope, a love gesture, a revelation. A pursuit of the soul, and a powerful engine of beauty, capable of stirring desire. My job behind the camera becomes observation from afar in the attempt to capture the human universe. Paolo Roversi

I would like to use a quote by Gianni Versace: 'Don't be into trends, don't make fashion own you, but decide what you are, what you want to express by the way you dress and the way you live.' Satoshi Saikusa

I am a photographer of people because people are all I care about. Francesco Scavullo

Shooting men's fashion for me is about capturing the essence of classical cinema. Steven Sebring

What I love about shooting fashion is that it's about story telling. Every day when you wake up you put on your 'costume' for the day—you decide which 'character' you are going to play. I think that the work I've done for 'L'Uomo' is some of my best because I've had the freedom to really tell a story with the images—something you always get the chance to do. Carter Smith

Elegance can be interpreted from an aesthetic or human point of view. In the end the human point of view which is measured through the treatment of people is the one that prevails. True elegance is seen in kindness, fairness, compassion and giving. Mario Testino

Fashion photography is a personal emotional perverted flirtation with classicism and modernity. Willy Vanderperre

In my opinion, true elegance for a man lies in his sense of humour and self-irony. Ellen von Unwerth

Humanity will always need entertainment, a sense of play to provoke the noble in life.

We all need something amusing as an escape from life's important, less colorful duties.

Fashion photography, for me, has always been this...Escapism and dreaming. It's not to say I have a difficult time with life and I am running away from reality, on the contrary, I love life but I love taking pictures too...It would seem that my imaginary world and thoughts have a stronger grip on me than the pull of the everyday...And as a photographer I can exist in and tour my imagination.

The mother of a friend of mine is a botanical illustrator and painter. She adores flowers. I was always asking her what kept her painting one thing so beautifully for over five decades, 'Love and passion,' was her answer...'When you love something with all your heart...And paint it...That painting will touch the soul and heart of the viewer, remember this Tim,' she said. 'Only photograph what you love.'

I never forgot that.
Tim Walker