Stockholm street style

There must be something in the air in the Swedish capital.

A whiff of understated chic.

An atmosphere of personal invention.

These images from Stockholm Street Style are evidence of a prevalent creative mood.

Style that is nonchalant.

Where casual and dandy do not only meet on the same street.

But find themselves with the same person, like this gentleman.

Who is as likely to wear a boutonniere and green leather gloves as a casual hat.

Even so, notice the enormous laces of his shoes. Something unexpected with his monochromatic outfit.

This next ensemble is so common but still it is worn somewhat differently.

Is it just his bearing, his confidence?

Is it just the sunlight?

Even these torn jeans are ubiquitous.

But just take a look at those boots!

Yes, it must be the air.

A connivance of simplicity and pizzaz.

Effortless expression.

Unforced idiosyncracies

Always with light humor and steady enjoyment.