New old denim shorts

So I was at Topman, fitting denim cargo shorts that I was about to purchase, before I remembered that I had so many pairs of jeans languishing in my cabinet.

I picked out this old pair, which, although weren't cargo pants, had the same exposed pocket detailing. At Manila's 30℃, the heat is no longer funny, and I think I should be wearing shorts as much as possible - like on weekends - not just because it's summer, but because it's already becoming uncomfortable. So I brought out my scissors and cutter to do the job.

I'd say not bad. I just have to bring them to the tailor to have the back part hemmed. Or maybe, since they're denim, I'd let the fabric fray...but then again, we're talking about shorts here - meaning not much length to spare.

Studded tee, Zara; denim shorts formerly known as jeans, Lee; leather belt, Izzue; sneakers, Surface to Air; leather duffel, thrifted; scarf, SM Department Store

Looking in my closet, I find more items to turn into summer companions - from denim to chinos and fatigues. I think I may soon be needing this pair of "power scissors". Now if only there were also handheld hemming devices.

As for tailored shorts, either I have my slacks altered or get the real thing.