Ready or not, here is my first official cameo as a blonde. Believe it or not, I've had these baggy, pleated trousers since high school. Yes, some things do not change.

Besides my hair, you'd also notice the new way I'm cropping my pics. Please just click on them to see a larger, more detailed version.


This is my second get-up for Philippine Fashion Week. Decided to tone things down because of: 1) the heat, 2) I was hoping the color of my hair would not stand out too much, and 3) it felt like a t-shirt day.


I do love though, how my hair catches the sun, shining like a noonday grin. What do you think?


And since my hair now goes with it, I decided to wear the first prototype for my eight and final collection for Bosquejo, which I have decided to call Midas.

Tee and jacket: Izzue; trousers, G200; belt, A.P.C.; Kickers sandals, thrifted; necklace, Bosquejo

Photos by Patricia Suzara