Sold out shoes in tan and mustard yellow from Acne and Mr Hare

Acne Agra sandals 01

Was browsing the shoes over at Oki-ni and found these. Talk about beautiful colors.

Acne Agra sandals 02

These are perfect as subtle accents to dark-colored are blue denim-based outfits. Unfortunately, they are both posted as sold out.

Acne Agra sandals 03

I know these Acne Agra sandals may be a little late for the rainy season, and their light color can only get ruined by the rain (ie water spots), but once I saw them, how can I imagine sunny weekends without a stroll in this pair?

Acne Agra sandals 04

The sandals are as delicious as a thin watch, and with its rubber sole, definitely more versatile and useful.

Mr Hare Fela shoes 01

Ever since the debut of Mr Hare's shoes, I've kept an eye on the label because of its interesting designs, like the Fitzgerald and the Orwell from the "Purest form" Fall Winter 2009 collection.

But it was only when these Felas from the "Hot steppers" Spring Summer 2010 collection came along that I fell hard.

Mr Hare Fela shoes 05

I am not sure what draws me more — the tan color or the fact that the shoes are cut from one piece, making them look like second skin on the feet. (The way the laces are placed make them look like stitches.)

I mean just look at them: they are children of the sun, creatures of summer meant to be broken in.

Mr Hare Fela shoes 02

Shoes spend most of their time in an old state yet we largely design them to be at their most desirable when new. The Fela is a beautiful shoe in reverse. It is a whole cut so there is no superfluous detailing to become outmoded. Built on the Miller last, the Fela is a fundamental of the summer wardrobe. Perfect for denim, whites, khakis, seersuckers, whatever you have got.

Mr Hare Fela shoes 03

It is made from vegetable tanned vachetta leather which is the closest thing you will find to a skin that still has an opinion of it’s own. It will age and form a patina of it’s own choosing. You can influence this process by the considered application of natural beeswax (supplied) but ultimately each pair will take on their own characteristics. The vachetta part of this shoe must be caringly rubbed down with Beeswax at least as often as you wash your car even if that is only twice a year.

Mr Hare Fela shoes 04

With proper care, I think shoes like these are my ideal life companions: functional, beautiful without being haughty, simple and confident. If only Oki-ni decides to restock them...