Street fix: Silver fox, Narita, Tokyo


When I was about to board my plane from Narita back to Manila, I saw this gentleman waiting patiently in line. His cardigan looked like silver lamé, but I'm sure it was made of a hi-tech fabric. It had yellowish or gold rhinestones as appliqués in front! (Anybody recognize it?) His sneakers were two-toned: white and, you guessed it, silver.

Even if I'm a sucker for monochrome, at first sight, I was overwhelmed by his outfit, and wasn't sure if it bordered on bad terse. But upon closer inspection, I loved not just the predominance of the color, but also his mix of sheen and texture. Also, he was able to use all the neutral hues: black, white, gray, and beige in one smooth and thought-provoking ensemble.

When I finally took my seat, I wanted to give myself a kick for not being brave enough to approach him for a proper picture.