Finding Stitch at a Japanese goods thrift store

So this is the Japanese goods thrift store where I bought my vests, navy jacket, some ties, and black cutaway jacket. Guess what I found this time?

No, I didn't get the purple bowling ball or the matching pants. I got the blue three-fourths sleeve robe, and a shirt and another vest (not shown).

Now this store doesn't just sell clothes. As you can see, it has cabinets of houseware, supplies, and even face masks.

Meet the head of Stitch, matched with the robe and my actual linen pants. When I saw it, I had the urge to have my picture taken. After all, is there a Disney character more interesting than a jabbering, destructive, and neurotic blue alien with retractable appendages?

I went with my two colleagues to the shop and they were able to buy a navy peacoat (for use in London), tan Fiorucci boots, and a black pencil skirt