El Bosquejo on The Insider

In Focus cover

Well, not exactly. More on In Focus, the online magazine of Runway2Reality, which I figure contributes content to the online page of The Insider.

The Insider-In Focus

Click on the above links to know about my background; what I think about personal style and inspiration; and more tidbits about the blog and my accessories line, Bosquejo.

Some snippets:

Why Bosquejo?

As I've said, the blog is about ideas. I feel that anything out there is just a suggestion, a proposition, an interpretation — from runway shows and magazine editorials to personal style on the streets. Change happens so fast in the fashion industry, but I do not feel compelled to go with its pace since things only repeat, are recycled, re-envisioned. I like that in this way the blog is abstract, not fixed. It breathes with me.

When it comes to fashion and style, what inspires you the most?

Sincerity. No matter how gaudy, shocking, or offensive something is, if it suits you and shows that it is your personality — and not some hackneyed image — that you are projecting, then I am impressed. I am hooked. I listen. People like that inspire me the most. Yeah, people inspire me the most.

Thanks again to Dhon for the interview! And thanks to my friend and soon-to-be missus, Cecille, for taking the photo on the cover!