Blue and yellow redux

blue and yellow

I think what I wore today is a more successful attempt at the color combination (see attempt #1: Blue, yellow, and a dash of bravery).

I have retained the espadrilles, but have matched them with more summery items (yes, a rainless November day in Manila is as good as summer for some), such as the pinstriped, striped short-sleeved shirt and the adjustable baggy pants.

The good thing about this outfit? Except for two things, all of it is thrifted. The downside? It would have been nice to have had Trish take my photo in the sun (come back from your leave! :P).

Marks & Spencer shirt, Izzue jeans, Liz Sport belt, Gap tote: all thrifted; sheer striped pullover, Zara; espadrilles from Davao