Cornflower blue jacket from the 80s


Though from the rain, the sky right now is more Egyptian blue than cornflower, the afternoon was pleasant enough for a relaxing family lunch out, followed by what was supposed to be a short visit to the sale at Zara. (Will tell you next time about the buttonless kurta-like shirt I got.)

Jeca jacket 01

Since it was a little breezy and drizzling, I decided to wear out this 80s-looking jacket I bought at the Japanese goods thrift shop last week. Of course I loved it because of the color and the shiny synthetic fabric. What clinched the purchase was the athletic ribbed detailing in (Wiki help me!) ceil.


I believe Sundays should be for shirts that you cherish long after their original dyes have faded, like this tee that I think I've been wearing for nearly a decade.

Jeca jacket 02

Here is a cute detail from the jacket: its logo! Have any of you heard of Jeca men's knit wear?

Sundays are also for the obscure, since the prospect of work or school the next day hangs like a gloomy cloud. Thank the heavens that it can still afford blue hues in spite of the weather!

Tee, U2; fabric belt, Bossini; jacket, jeans, flower patterned Converse sneakers, and Young Camel satchel: all thrifted

Outfit photos by Lea Celestial