Young Camel leather satchel

Young Camel 01

This has got to be one of the best items I've bagged from the thrift store. As with many unpredictable surprises, when I first saw it on the rack, I didn't even grab it. Just looked at it from the corner of my eye, consuming the color of the leather in my mind, taking my time before finally taking possession of it.

Young Camel 02

First I touched the grain and traced the seams. Unbuckled and pressed the fasteners, tried the zippers and buttons — no different from pinching my arm in disbelief.

Young Camel 03

The tag was still intact, and so was the metal plate on the shoulder strap, though the metalware was visibly tarnished.

Young Camel 04

The "Young Camel" stamp. Does anybody know when the cigarette brand released its accessories (clothes?) line?

Young Camel 05

The view from above: two main compartments, with one that can be buttoned, plus a small zippered pocket.

Young Camel 06

Ah, I wasn't just imagining it. As you can see, the bag lies on my bed.

Young Camel 07

View from behind. I've yet to figure out what the bottom rings are for.

Young Camel 08

One of the best things about this piece — besides the color and the leather — is the strap clasp, which looks like a bullet, or even a small flashlight.

Young Camel 09

I must say that I have always dreamed of a leather bag that was both structured enough to carry my laptop but also soft enough for me to enjoy it when I didn't have many things to bring.

Young Camel 10

My laptop fit! But unfortunately, not with the foam guard protecting it. I'd be wary of dirt and inevitable bumps and scratches, so I'd have to think about it. (Besides, the bag is heavy enough by itself to carry a laptop inside it.)

On the bright side, I also found this blue striped scarf that goes well with the leather and served more than a needed tourniquet.