Two pattern-print sneakers, crocheted sandals, and rose-print slippers made of hair

Two Percent sneakers 01

It was raining last Sunday. As usual, my espadrilles were caught unaware. Coming from Quezon City, I decided to visit just one thrift shop in Anonas, and though my hemp and rubber (what's left of them) soles were wet and squishy, I found not one, not two, but four new-old pairs.

Two Percent sneakers 02

The pattern on these Two Percent Homme mid-cut sneakers may well represent the wave upon wave of floodwater in Manila. Of course they could also be scales.

Two Percent sneakers 03

Or hills with scarce grass, blue with nostalgia.

Converse All Stars 01

There was also another printed pair, in the same color but not hue.

Converse All Stars 02

These Converse All Stars were covered in cornflowers (since they're blue, not yellow). I like the dark navy.

Converse All Stars 03

The print is now one of my happy thoughts, right beside Garfield and Friends.

Ronsports 01

I could easily have gone home after spotting the two sneakers, but persistence led me to this: a pair of Ronsports sandals (made in Spain) with something that looks crocheted. Not sure if these were for girls or guys, but I didn't care once I was able to put them on.

Ronsports 02

The material follows the contours of your feet.

Ronsports 03

My foot hammocks!

Cactus Cactus 01

Then, just as I thought things couldn't get any better, I spied upon these wild things.

Cactus Cactus 02

Cat-like creatures with shiny hair and rose and leaf patterns instead of spots.

Cactus Cactus 03

Instinctively, I moved away from them, not in fear, but to gauge them from afar.

Cactus Cactus 04

Again, it was only when I wore them that I was convinced that I had to have them. Against my skin, they seem to almost purr.

Cactus Cactus 05

They have furrows like eyebrows. I still have to think what I will wear them with, but that can wait.

Thrift quartet 01

Together, my thrift shoe quartet sang in chorus in my room. An unlikely group if there was any.

Thrift quartet 02

Most certainly, another unexpected thrift shoe experience. (Though there was also a jacket, but for that, as for so many other things, there is next time...)