Blue, brown, and birthday yellow


Blog anniversaries are everyday things. That's why I am announcing El Bosquejo's first year anniversary, which falls tomorrow, within an outfit post. (Technically, the blog started in 2007 with just one post. So I begin my count on July 22.)

Let me just say that I am happy just to have had the chance to reach out to people, talk to them online, even inspire them.

Tretorn x Acne 01

Many things have changed, from the format to the content, and I am planning on even more developments. But I will be needing your help. I will be setting up polls on my sidebars about the blog's content, asking you, my readers, all sorts of stuff — from current blog favorites to reader suggestions. I hope you take part.

I don't think you have been introduced well to these Tretorn x Acne sneakers.


One of the changes I have in mind are reader features. In addition to writing about fellow bloggers or famous people like models, designers, and artists, I am interested in you, my readers. If you have been following this blog for even more than a week, it must mean that we have something in common.

I want to know more about you, what you do, your thoughts on fashion, art, or anything written on or linked from this blog. What inspires you? What makes your creativity tingle? What makes you skip sleep?

Tretorn x Acne 02

Feel free to leave comments about yourself or links to your page. Better yet, leave me an email ( Let's sit down over electronic coffee and have a talk. Who knows what kind Reader Posts we can cook up?

Shirt, Esprit; jeans, Bench; wool tie, thrifted; filigree belt; Brave Beltworks; nylon sneakers, Tretorn x Acne

Street photos by Cecilia Aycocho