Work life


What I wore yesterday at work. Yes, the office beckons even during weekends. But when I say work, I do not mean just going to the office.


I also mean blogging (here and on my other pages); designing, making, selling, and delivering Bosquejo accessories; writing poetry and yes, even reading; and believe it or not, I have another project coming up — one that I am procrastinating on just by writing this post. (I don't think I've been this nervous in quite a long time.)


My point is, these are the things that make me alive, that I am living for right now. And for that, there are no weekends. And even though at many points, all these activities resemble drudgery, they are what shapes me. (Yes, I still manage some leisure, but extended periods of relaxation make me restless.)


It is raining again. When work comes, it pours.

Nylon jacket, thrifted; polo shirt, Ritual; trousers, Maison Martin Margiela; briefcase, Bally; espadrilles from Davao; necklace, "Benedictine" from Bosquejo's Sacre collection

Photos by Patricia Suzara