The bare bones of it


No matter how you go about it, things will always come down to lists. Although I have never answered any slam book-type (slam book?) questionnaires on any social medium, I'd like to share a personalized version on how I know that I have made the most of my 24 hours.


1. I am able to clear my mind in the morning and write something new: maybe just a line of poetry, or hopefully a stanza. Or rewrite the same. I know I'm really lucky when I actually finish a piece in one sitting.

2. I am able to read something that moves or absorbs me: a chapter of fiction, an eye-opening personal account, a well-written essay. No, an entire hour spent reading tweets or blogs does not count.

3. I am able to design a new necklace, fulfill an order, or even just nibble on a new idea.

4. I have talked to someone who has made me question my perceptions/opinion about a specific topic.

5. I have spent at least an hour in physical exercise.

6. I am able to sleep well.


I think that's about it. For me the rest are a bonus: blogging, shopping, sitting down to a fulfilling meal with a good friend, watching movies (no TV please). Though it would be nice every now and then to repeat my morning ritual in the afternoon: me with my coffee, in silence, waiting for the day to ease while letting the surging city rush through me.

What's on your daily list?

Jacket, Muji; polo shirt and belt, thrifted; trousers, Maison Martin Margiela; bone necklace, OS

Photos by Patricia Suzara