A boy and his belts

Jann Gettmann 01

If by chance you encounter Jan in a crowd, you may not instantly notice him. Mr Gettmann doesn't turn heads because he slayed a dragon and used its scales to layer on his jacket epaulets. Nor did he pluck feathers from a bird for use as a scarf.

Jann Gettmann 02

There are no stars, no skulls. Nothing distressed or aged. No nylon made to look vintage.

Jann Gettmann 03

Just a boom box, a monkey, and of course the Union Jack. I wouldn't even go as far as to call his buckles "statements". More like natural rites of passage.

Jann Gettmann 04

Of course the folded shorts help, and some glasses, but what I like most about Jan's style is that it's quiet, almost self-effacing. Like a small joke that only a few people get — funnier because of the fact.