Z Zegna SS 09: Details to another level

Some color combinations remind me of Etro, but more youthful and less calculated. The round white collar makes the oufits more preppy than dandy.

The eyes are first drawn to the color of the pants, which I think are in dark cerulean. Then you notice the folds and discover that these are actually leggings, but with a more relaxed fit.

Not bad at all. These are the best leggings I've seen on men, unobtrusive.

The sharp collar makes the outfit more sophisticated. Notice the semi-transparent vest.

Another shade of blue. Whoever said it doesn't go with brown and other earth tones?

The jackets look as if paint spilled then dried on cement pavement. Or blue furniture severely sandpapered. I would definitely want to see these with jeans.

Technology does wonders with proportions. Also with sheen. I wonder how they'll look out of context.

Shirt laces + hood + wide cuffs + beanie = preppy warfare.

Bottega Veneta and Burberry Prorsum meet on the beach.

Buttons, cardigans, synthetic Lanvin, gartered shoulders, a nice top and a tie:

another great Spring collection.

Photos from men.style.com