New Maison Martin Margiela accessories at Oki-ni

Martin Margiela Bracelet Simple Leather
, £69.
Brown grained leather cuff embossed with the Margiela logo. Measures 8.75" on its smallest fastening and 9.5" on its longest one.

Oki-ni stocks some very interesting men's accessories from Maison Martin Margiela. You will find the house's usual wit in these pieces, which appopriate everyday objects into jewelry.

Also available in black and gray.

Martin Margiela Bracelet Buckle, £79.
Thick brown leather cuff with an oversized brass buckle fastening. Measures approx 8" on it’s largest fastening, 7" on its smallest.

If ties have found themselves as belts, belts, for their part, seem more candid reduced into bracelets.

Martin Margiela Ring Chain, £119.
Brass ring coated in silver - half made of a bike chain link detail. A size M is about 2.5" inside

Now this ring I find amazing. Who would have thought bicycle chains would look so good around your finger?

Martin Margiela Bracelet Military, £79.
Grey suede riveted cuff with cut out details and a pressed stud fastening. Measures 1.5" wide and 9.5" round.

I don't know if it was intentional, but these suede cuffs look like dominoes.

Left: Martin Margiela Bracelet Belt, £69.
Black tooled leather cuff with a metal tipped end, has two pressed stud fastenings. On the largest setting measures approx 9.5", smallest 8.5".

Right: Martin Margiela Bracelet Scales, £119.
Thick black leather cuff silver metal 'scales' detail. Measures 1.5"wide, 9" on its smallest fastening and 9.5” on its largest.

And even more interesting items.

Left: Martin Margiela Ring Arrow, £79.
Brass ring with a polished silver coating in a cut-out arrow shape. A medium measures about 2.5" inside.

Right: Martin Margiela Ring Anniversary, starting from £225.
Chunky silver anniversary ring with a diamond in the centre. Embossed with 1988 – 2008 – great collectors piece marking Margiela’s 20th birthday. A size M is about 2.5" inside.

Left: Martin Margiela Ring Nail, £69.
Brass flat head nail with a polished silver coating, wrapped round to make a ring. A medium measures about 2.5" inside.

Right: Martin Margiela Ring Scratched, £89.
Chunky brass ring coated in silver. Half is smooth metal and the other half is textured and uneven. A medium measures about 2.5" inside.

The famous (and now sold out) nail bracelet is now in ring form. The ring on the right looks delightfully peculiar. The shape reminds you of old bones, or even teeth.

In a word, I want all of them, but if I had to choose one, it would have to be the bike chain ring.

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