Waiting by the roadside

I do not pretend to be a student or a rebel kid. I go to office five times a week and have to conform to certain dress requirements.

Though of course I'm not making this an excuse, but a challenge.

A friend told me to put more edge into it, short of telling me to rip my jeans and report to work wearing bermuda shorts.

So I think I'll do the reverse by bringing out all my ties and looking for the perfect blazers, vests, cardigans, and even suspenders - but not necessarily wearing them together. Maybe a tee here and there, the insistence on sneakers, and yes, higher and higher pants hems. And hats and glasses that actually fit my head and face!

Hoodie, Zara; shirt, Old Navy; thrifted tie, Leonard; jeans, Levi's; thrifted sneakers, Comme des Garçons Shirt

Photos by Patricia Suzara