TFTM loves: Find Fashion by Feelings.

What does wool mean to you? For the world of fashion, wool is an eco-friendly fibre: natural, renewable and versatile. And how do we know that a wool product is following this characteristics? Thanks to Woolmark, a quality mark for wool products born in 1964.
Now, Woolmark embracing fashion and supporting the "street style blog movement" has launched from Sydney "Find Fashion by Feelings", a campaign with a website called We Love Wool in which users can upload their favorite wool looks into one of twelve "Feelings". Those "Feelings" go from "Happy"- a explosion of colors- to "Dark"- a more sultry mood. Then users are encouraged to vote for those outfits they love the most. The most loved look wins a holiday and a wool experience worth AUD $12.000 and voters also enter into a weekly draw to win an "Emus Australia" wool pack worth AUD $400.
A great prize for a great purpose. That´s why I support this campaign sharing some of my favorite looks of each "Feeling" and encouraging you to participate in and joining them on Facebook.