Thom Browne: Fall 2006 - Fall 2007

So at the very moment before I post my review of Thom Browne's Fall 2009 collection (I know it's virtually just days before the Spring 2010 shows), here's a quick scan of some of his previous collections.

Was planning to write something on Fall 2006-Spring 2009 in one go, but alas, we will have to settle with two parts. These are more in pictures I hope, since I've already rambled about Thom Browne in a previous entry.

Fall 2006

The handsome man on the left is Jules Grafstrom of Sweden, a men's figure skating champion.

Far from serving warm drinks on the skating rink, these models drop maƮtre d' jackets and jodhpurs for trenches over shorts.

No acrobatics on the frozen runway, but no one's to say there is a lack in sartorial performance.

Spring 2007

Is Thom Browne for the man who refuses to grow up? Who quit school to escape studies, but not its antics?

Okay, so this may be a stretch. But isn't there something mischievous and devlilish about ostrich down shorts?

Don't expect any principal to ever come out alive from a room where Pugsley and Morticia have already been in.

Who would have guessed Pugsley would grow up as a dandy? Not that anything about the Addams can ever come as a suprise.

Fall 2007

Perhaps Thom Browne dreamt about this collection, which looks like a gift from the king of fantasy and ideas, Morpheus, also known as the Sandman.

The cut and fabric of the jackets make them look like something else: conjured from beyond any fashion reference.

The stripes, patterns, and patches could have come straight from a man's boyhood.

But in this case, there are no scraped knees since socks go above them.

The scarves are soft as blankets. The hoods of coats come from magic cloaks.

Angst is sweetest in any boy's adolescence.

So many hiding places that we invent.

So many blood roses bold and wilted.