Raf Simons' pack of cards

Though it's easy to summon our memories of the classic The Invasion of the Body Snatchers to help make sense of these shrugs in knit, neoprene, and other hi-tech fabrics seemingly taking over the sartorially strict suits of Raf Simons' Fall 2009 collection, I would rather focus on their exaggerated silhouettes.

Sometimes the subtext is not at all engaging, and introspection can get way over our heads.

Alice in Wonderland was the first thing that came to mind, and the boxy minions of the Queen of Hearts.

The shrugs look like the armory of soldiers getting ready for an absurd battle, or trial, in the case of Alice who was about to lose her own head.

I just wanted to ask you which way I ought to go.

Well, that depends on where you want to get to.

Oh it really doesn't matter...

Then it really doesn't matter which way you go.

Does this silhouette bring fashion forward? Or is it simply part of a pack of commercial cards?

Perhaps these two-tone coats and suits are more viable, with style that is more ironclad.

They look strong and believable, and beautifully period.

With a toned down silhouette, these suits hold the promise of real direction for fashion.

The color binaries take on subtlety in leather gloves, a camel coat with flannel lapels, and a flannel coat with camel sleeves.

Now these single and double breasted suits and coats are more like it.

An unintrusive shrug.

No sharing?

Though I really still don't understand the armory. A black and white Dick Tracy yes, but not an Iron Man suit that can be assembled.