Gone thrifting

My shopping principle has always been to only to buy things I particularly like because there's something special about them. Each item has to be like that. I trust that pieces loved in their own way can come together to form remarkable outfits.

I'm willing to spend a little more for such items, but if I really have to buy basics, I turn to thrift stores. As I have mentioned before, my trips to such shops began with the need to expand my office wardrobe.

But this time, thrift shopping has also provided me an opportunity to tread on relatively new territory. After stocking on skinny, horizontal tipped, and colorfully patterned ties in silk, wool, and cotton, finally, I find vests, a navy jacket, and yes, my very own cutaway.

I found most of these from a store that ships from Japan, so that even if there are no big-name labels, there is impeccable Japanese tailoring.

I suspect these vests were made by the same tailor. Now I have to decide if I want to send the navy one on the right to a tailor here so that the satin back can be replaced or if I want to keep the wear to let the piece have that lived-in character.

I love the cut of this pinstriped navy jacket. It is slim and the sleeves come right before my wrist.

If you remember the day I wore my tux jacket with drawstring pants, I was wishing for a cutaway jacket to make the outfit better. Well, here it is. The fit is likewise perfect. I am excited about all the combinations, both casual and spiffy, I can create from this formal piece.

Now it begins. These gold and bronze leaves baptize my wardrobe with its first brooches.

So here is the happy camper in the store where I bought most of the ties (not the jackets). In total I spent PhP1,700 (US$36).

I am still ticklish from the anticipation. Sending the clothes to the drycleaner right after I post this.

Elmo tee from Greenhills; open bonnet hat, 5cm; micro houndstoot pants, Custom Made; filigree belt, Brave Beltworks; leather sneakers; Converse; PVC bag; 5cm; gold watch, Omega Seamaster