Precious, temporary things

I just realized that among my posts, thrift shopping is the most frequent tag. Five years ago, I never even considered buying any pre-owned items, except for furniture and books. Only when I started buying shirts and pants to expand my office wardrobe did I stumble upon the joys of bargain hunting, especially for thrifted shoes and bags. Also by accident, around the same time, did I begin to write for magazines on the side.

Wool trench, thrifted; tee, Polo Ralph Lauren; jeans, Two Percent; thrifted shoes, Clarks; old electronic typewriter case used as briefcase

Thinking about it, I have to admit that fashion has never been an obsession. I didn't grow up starry-eyed watching catwalk shows or gawking at glossies or store windows. Now maybe it's a highly time-consuming indulgence, a self-conscious way of sorting myself out, part of ordering my thoughts at the beginning of each day, and part of my never-ending process of sifting through inspiration from every aspect of life — mostly absent-mindedly, but eventually with the prospect of producing something creative.

Writers and artists of past eras dressed to the part as eccentrics and agitators of society. But in my case, I don't feel compelled to prove anything to anybody but myself. It is a personal challenge to seek to find something new each day — not just a new item, but a new way of looking at and wearing even just a single piece.

White tee and knitted hooded tee: both Bench; jeans, Sisley; open bonnet hat, 5cm

Not very different from discovering a new way of saying something even via the smallest detour from the usual turn of phrase. Initially just for myself, but hopefully, like a verse or a torn page, it can find itself bringing joy or use to somebody else.

First two photos by Patricia Suzara