Drawn home

Drawn home
By Miguel Paolo Celestial
Published in WestEast Magazine 25: Home, Fall 2008

A bed, a chair, and a window. Home is where we rest and where we dream even without mattresses and pillows. It is where our thoughts dwell, where days are measured by shadows, movement by rooms, and resolve by pauses between supper. Home is where the night dwindles, shaking the thick smell of dusk that glistens in our vision. There is no frame for our gaze towards tomorrow; home is wherever hope is nailed to our heart’s rafters.

"Remains of the Day" editorial from GQ Style 7: The Great British Male, Fall/Winter 2008. Photographed by Nathaniel Goldberg, styled by David Bradshaw.

Silk pajamas, Prada

Home. There must be more to it than the yearning for a place or a moment that could seal us off from the hectic demands of life, where we can shut out problems and curl into a long-sought sense of quiet. There must be more to it than the appeal of bearable routine and the safety of predictability. What is it about the concept of home that drives us on journeys just to find it? What makes it the sum of all our goals if not their reason?

Silk pajama top from a selection, Lanvin

At first mention, we think of home as a tin full of tokens we have brought back from our travels. A collection of little things like randomly pocketed pebbles, together with furniture and art, novelties and design pieces. It is a wall where we pin maps of past voyages and plot succeeding conquests, a den stashed with memories to be relived and shared.

Striped cotton pajamas, Ermenegildo Zegna

Home is waking up to smooth out rumpled sheets, clear our minds with coffee or tea, and listen to the first rustlings of the morning. Home is rising beside your loved one. In the evening, it is that glance around your neighborhood right before you turn your back, bolt the gate, and retreat into private living.

Silk pajamas from a selection, Giorgio Armani

Home is the entire length of an afternoon; to it we surrender the loose ends of our days. It is every part of a house and its surroundings as well as any place that our laughter and sighs inhabit. No matter how long and involving our adventures have been, there’s no place quite like it...

Cotton pajamas, Hawes & Curtis

Silk pajamas, Tom Ford

This editorial takes off from Dolce and Gabbana's pajama suits presented for Spring/Summer 2009. Read the full article