AnOther Man: Extreme dreams

'Extreme Dreams', AnOther Man Fall 2007
Photography by Mark Segal, Styling by Alister Mackie
Scanned by Ed @ Modelhommes, from The Fashion Spot

Big, wind-swept knits against a vast sandy desert.

Douglas and Nico wear felt caps by Lanvin;
oversized wool jumpers by John Galliano Homme; trousers and shoes by Prada

This could be the moon or an abandoned planet.

Douglas wears silver jumper (worn around neck) and oversized cable knit jumper by Dolce & Gabbana;
chevron print trousers by Burberry Prorsum

Or the dominion of Cain, together with all the banished.

Douglas wears hooded fur coat by Prada; sheerling cropped bodysuit by Kim Jones;
shirt by Burberry Prorsum

Nico wears fur tunic by Prada

Warriors without their adversaries.

Nico wears fur jacket by Fendi; knitted trousers by Miu Miu;
leather gloves by Raf Simons; silver neck plate from Pebble

Douglas wears zipped jumper and oversized jumper by Vivienne Westwood Man;
wool trousers and patent leather shoes by Prada

Predators without their prey.

Nico wears fur lined kimono by John Galliano Homme; silver neck plates from Pebble

Nico wears felt hat by Lanvin; jumper (worn around shoulders) by Prada; knitted bodysuit ny Miharayasuhiro;
leather gloves by Raf Simons; patent leather shoes by Prada

Douglas wears short sleeve jumper; stirruped trousers and degredée shoes by Prada;
smoked quartz crystal necklace from Pebble

This is the moment right before we wake up,
when the light flashes and everything and everyone else disappears.