Denim, tux, white tie, and Chucks

Well, not exactly. I got these embroidered, white leather Gucci sneakers from a thrift shop, which has recently moved to another location. (More on this soon.)

I wore them this morning, but changed the rest of my outfit for a little shoot this evening. Instead of tying the laces this way, I eased them from the top loops and tied the extra length round the shoes, as is now the fashion.

I wasn't really planning anything, but when I was fiddling around with my white cotton bow tie (no ready hooks!) while playing and rewinding YouTube clips on how to tie the impossible little things, somehow, I got it. (I bought the tie for a black-tie Vogue event, but I wasn't able to use it. I opted for a red, silk Gucci scarf instead.)

Since I was already wearing the tie over a short-sleeved blue and white polo shirt, I decided to try out a denim on denim combination. I put on this thrifted Gerani denim jacket, which was too loose, so I used a safety pin to fasten it, as what (I think) the stylist for the Fall 2009 show of Dries Van Noten did.

On hindsight, the jeans could have been darker and I could have worn black leather lace-ups or leather sneakers, but I think the top part of the outfit has it.

The jeans are good enough for this tuxedo coat I bought from a department store (it's actually priced almost the same as the cotton tie).

Better I think, if the shirt had a printed design similar to the Rorschach imprint left by the heat. No belt.

As an afterthought, and in line with my post on denim and layering, I put on the denim jacket on top of the tux coat.

Works well I think. Better even if my shirt had long sleeves so I could have rolled it under the coat. This time, black lace-ups would have been required, and maybe also a thin black leather belt. The jacket I'm now thinking I should alter for a slimmer fit.

Back to reality now and to the humidity returning this time of the year to Manila.

Night photos by Patricia Suzara