Death and grooming

Wallpaper magazine shot at the Brion-Vega cemetery for its September 2008 issue's Death in Veneto cover editorial.

What I noticed even before the morbidly sleek monochrome outfits was the Wolverine hair.

In time for Halloween?

I bet this hairdo would be good even with colored and casual clothes.

Though you would have to have it black and not blonde, and it helps if you have a high forehead, or even a widow's peak.

The slickback becomes a slick-up?

Whatever its creators decided to call it, the hairstyle brings a different kind of austerity.

Sleek and intimidating even without the adamantium.


Parisienne blogger Garance Doré snaps some eccentrics with hair that also defies gravity.

Romain Brau is a designer.

Keegan Singh a stylist.

And Matthew Stone an artist.