Bottega Veneta's comforting reassurance

How to begin describing this deliciously soft, chocolate leather jacket?

Designer Tomas Maier wanted to make the attitude of a cardigan - in its comfort and gentleness - the center of his Fall/Winter 2009 collection. This jacket, merged with a button-down knit, is part of the delighful result.

So is this plaid wool coat, which appears deceptively stiff but is quite pliant.

"So we started with the cardigan, which is soft and unassuming but also confident and timeless."

Blazers and jackets (right), with faux layering at the lapels and hems, appear less strict, and the illusion of creased herringbone, houndstooth, and flannel softens the edges of business dressing.

Besides chocolate, the pleasant earth tones employed include mocha, truffle brown, graphite and ash gray, and bone white.

Of course, one can never do without Bottega Veneta's bags, which in this show - compared to Spring's - come more in soft non-braided leather. They can only add to the seduction of the brand's great staple.

Imagine how the hem of this deerskin trench (right) flaps in the wind, or even in the rush of its wearer. The eyes can almost touch its luxurious grain.

Pre-washed fabrics, on the other hand, give pieces that worn, broken-in ease.

The suede material of the mocha colored desert boots and the skirt and tassles of the black loafers serve their reassuring purpose.

It is interesting how the outfits can be paired and flipped into complementary partners for casual and business, boardroom and regional assignment (Where else would a calfskin blouson with cashmere sleeves make sense?).

Creative and technical?

I wonder what material these pants are made from. They offer a wonderful textural contrast against cashmere and wool - topped of, of course, with calfskin and suede.

So which will you be? Workman or aesthete?