Bosquejo Bazaar: Helmut Lang + Gianfranco Ferré + Cesare Paciotti

Don Protasio, a Filipino designer based in Cambodia, requested this pair of Helmut Langs from my last Bosquejo Bazaar post, but unfortunately, they were no longer there when I returned to the vintage store. I hope I can make it up to him with another pair from my most recent finds.

These next three pairs may not be in as good a condition as the Helmuts, but I think, exactly because they're this worn in, they're more fun to use casually.

These pointy Gianfranco Ferré (size 42 or 9) laceups, for example, are good with jeans — the more distressed, ripped, and worn in the better.

This next pair (size 44) is made from Italy, marked with the brand Varié. Though they can be just as good as denim, I imagine these shoes being more friendly with cords.

Now this, this pair by Cesare Paciotti (size 7), I really do not know how to explain. I found them in the sneakers rack. Who can blame the salesclerks?

The mix of the elements is so uncanny, I have to shake myself from staring so I can begin imagining how to wear them. They're obviously the most weathered among the three, so I think they should actually be used in the place of sneakers.

With khaki shorts on a sunny weekend!

If any of you readers from Manila are interested, just drop me a line via a comment or through email so I can get them for you. Don't let them slip out of your hands this time...