Bigger blues

Still adjusting with the new format of the site. Hope you'll bear with me as it will take time for me to replace current photos with bigger versions. Some, like runway reviews, I will have to leave as is. A few backlog posts will also have to appear in old image sizes.

I've been thinking about this for quite some time and thought the space will be good to declutter things, but of course, anything less than satisfactory will also be magnified and be more obvious.

But hey, it will push me to publish at a higher quality. So here goes. Caution: fly away with the wind.

Heather gray linen shirt and charcoal gray sweater with blue stripes: both thrifted; jeans, Havana & Co.; trilby, Zara; plaid silk tie, Polo Ralph Lauren; blue nylon sneakers, Acne by Tretorn; black leather belt (barely seen), Izzue