The army of Rick Owens

Highlanders, blacksmiths, priests and druids, workmen, Norse gods, vagabonds and rebels, savants, pilots and hunters, shaved sasquatches, decommissioned soldiers, cavemen, alien aborigines: I'm sure you can come up with even more characters to fit Rick Owens' Fall 2009 collection.

But no matter how morbid his show may have been, who can resist his leather and beautifully layered jackets?

Shorts or chopped pants over leggings have been seen on many runways this season, but this layering of different materials over pants may just about top all of it.

The detailing of this distressed leather vest demands close attention. Just look at how the strategic stitches and creases create geometric sections. This piece can easily go with a biker in unwashed jeans (though he would be less entertaining or thought-provoking).

When there are no knee-high leather or fur boots, there are these chopped pants. Interesting combination with the hugely-cuffed coat and sheer (one-shoulder?) shirt.

This skinhead and wavy hair combination brings to mind Loki, the Norse god of mischief.

I wonder what the shirt (blouse?) underneath looks like. Is it attached to breeches?

Though this outfit may remind you of a seal, the combination of four (5? 6?) different fabrics actually tones down the use of fur.

What an interesting jacket, with the collar and the diagonal zipper. Now I'm wondering how one should close it.

Again the layering and the cropped pants. There is also something intriguing with the cut of the suit, which looks narrow and almost feminine.

The boots and the belt.

Those two plus the coat (short trench?).

This jacket looks very simple and practical for the season: sufficient license for the headgear.

Fur and animal skin never looked as edgy. This is my personal favorite piece.

I never expected to like Rick Owens, but even if his show and models looked unfriendly and his clothes seemed targetted only to a narrow audience, I am sure some of his pieces can make a killing.