Thrift bag bonanza + skulls and yellow boots


It was a good thing I decided to brave the floods at Pasong Tamo Avenue (occasionally known as Pasong Tamo River) to attend the first birthday party of a colleague's daughter. If I didn't I wouldn't have gone to a nearby thrift store at Makati Cinema Square to score these wonderful items.

The mustard yellow leather backpack (no brand) was a no-brainer, since I loved the color, details, and the material. I thought that was that until I saw the black polka dot and lightning bag (brand: Double Shock).


Now I wonder why I didn't find these backpacks while I was in school. Love the rivets and detailing at the back.


The bigger flap of the leather bag opens with a zippered compartment inside. It is tied by a strip in the same material. Buckles!


This is my third lucky thrifted leather bag (the one at the leftmost is only leatherette). It is evident that I love the different shades of brown when it comes to bags. I'm still missing something in the reddish leather of Florence.


This Zara backpack was another surprise. At first glance (and at first try on my back), not only was it unwieldy, but also deceptively ugly. What drew me to it was the thickness of the canvas and the numerable straps.


Each pocket is secured by a strap, and so is the main compartment. There's no doubt that the bag is sturdy and dependable. I have a feeling I will be needing it soon as I take on more projects that will require more mobility.


Then I also found these totes, which are very light compared to the Zara sack. They almost have the same color for their pleather detailing.


Am keeping them for lighter days, when the biggest thing I would be carrying is a book.


I also found this poison skull print hoodie in terry cloth. Thinking of wearing it at the OS event on Thursday, with accessories of course. Beside it are more mustard yellow items: industrial boots.


I have always liked this color, and the tassels remind me of Charlie Brown and an old pair I used for the longest time as a boy. Need this not just for a pop of color but also for the rain (puddles and floods). I know they're suede, but what the hell. Best worn with rough denim.


Now off they go to the laundry and the leather specialists. Time to let go of some old bags that are already dusty...