I do, Yadu


I've only been to The Collective — a warehouse in the central business district transformed into a community of shops, bars, and art galleries — only once before, and it was also in the evening. Good thing this time some stores were still open. I came with a friend, Geof Gonzales, who designs bags for Yadu, which was our first destination. (Maybe on my daytime return I can write more about this place.)

There was a loft with these patched throw pillows. The same easy, tattered, casual aesthetic dominates Yadu's bag line.


Branches jut out from concrete walls, like hands in the woods. But in the place of foliage are bags that hang like slings. This could almost be a glassed-in aviary.


They also lie on the branches that make up the banister, like sloths, lizards, or snakes. Except that their scales are as comforting as blankets. (Linus would concede.)


The interiors are also interesting, starting with the lamps and chandeliers. As you can see, besides shoulder slings, there are also totes, purses, and messengers.


Details like contrasting buttons stitch together the seemingly mismatched patched fabrics.


The bags are almost like rags, like paupers, but very well-dressed. As such, one has no qualms approaching them, even engaging them with a few personal stories.


Nothing stiff, nothing that resists whatever hardship. Or adventure.



The next time I look for a backpack, I would seriously consider Yadu over the impersonal bags available in the market. These do not seem to be finicky; they have no allergies.



Also available are wallets and small zipped-up containers.


Notice the ribbed detailing.


The floral strap and jean-pocket.

Bhakti 01

Here are some product shots provided by Yadu. First is one of the versions of their Bhakti yoga bags, which I think can come handy for design students and, why not, even professionals.

Bhakti 02

From ribbed and checkered to plaid and floral.

Bhakti 03

Would the ladies use this as a gym bag? The side pockets almost seem detachable.

Bhakti 04

There we go, something maybe for the daring male. Was about to say to not bring it to the gym because you might get beaten up. But seriously, with the general gym demographic you may even get a compliment.

Bhakti 05

Now the idea of detachable compartments sounds very practical. (Hear that Geof?)

Indra 01

More cute backpacks, which are named Indra. The patterns have different personalities.

Indra 02

I like how these next two were photographed like jellyfish.

Isvara and Lalita

The Isvara and Lalita models look like unwitting counterparts. Bag soulmates?