Seasonless dressing


Not that Manila has that many seasons — only summer and the rainy season. But the weather has been so inordinately unpredictable that any sort of precaution can be swept by monsoon winds.

It was sunny this morning. I was wearing a sheer shirt and a vest, and the addition of the scarf was only for indoor airconditioning. If needed, I could easily have removed my vest and scarf — and even my tie — to suit the blazing heat.


But this is what I saw outside office windows by the afternoon*. Quite menacing to the uninitiated. After a few moments, everything was white with rain.


And before I knew it, by 5pm, the weather was clear again — capricious and temperamental by any standard. Better layered than sorry.

Shirt, vest, and tie: all thrifted; jeans, Bossini; scarf, vintage; loafers, Dexter

Photos by Patricia Suzara
*Taken with an iPhone 3GS