Philippine Fashion Week: menswear finale

Menswear finale 01

Fishermen, farmers, squires, knights, or warriors?

Menswear finale 02

Whatever they were, the men in black who paraded at the end of the menswear shows were a sight to behold.

Menswear finale 03

Hats with feathers, lace, wire, and net. Scarves and cummerbunds.

Menswear finale 04

My favortie: Hannibal Lecter as a dandy goth.

Menswear finale 05

I'd like to know who made the accessories, since nothing was indicated about them. The pieces were made by Jerome Lorico, who showed his recent collection at Shangri-La hotel in Makati.

Menswear finale 06

The clothes too. Were they a mix of all the stuff on menswear night? Or were they simply inspired by night?