The past weeks


While Trish, my official photographer, is on vacation for a week, let me load off some outfit shots we took last week. Starting with the ensemble with the Japanese robe I thrifted more than a year ago (then worn with a tank top and sheer sweater, unkempt hair, and less worries on my face). No, I wasn't singing or yawning. Maybe a little bored, and getting more impatient with myself (I'll tell you why by and by.).


In other news, for the weeks after the bazaar, I've been busy bringing pouches containing Bosquejo jewelry to clients in the business district. It's fun customizing items according to individual tastes, even naming new pieces after customers. And all during lunch break! Though I realize of course that this isn't sustainable, so I plan to consign items at local boutiques. Sooner than you can say "wearing only this"!


Things seem to be picking up. I have a collaboration in the line-up, which I never expected. Also lent out some pieces for an editorial. I should be planning one soon for the different lines.

But first, back to my outfit. I wasn't wearing the robe all day. When it was off, my sleeves were rolled up, as creases show. A nice touch I may say, for additional texture.

Though I am not sure, when it comes to multitasking, how long I can maintain all these different lines of activities. With the most important one (to me at least), writing, appearing to be thinning out. May just means that I got to roll my sleeves even higher!


As I've shown before, the texture on the top part of the robe is different from the one below: the lower part also lighter. As of yet, things still balance out. Couldn't really complain about a day job that has just pledged to heavily subsidize iPads for its employees. And this blog continues to reach people I have never expected to be in contact with. Though of course I still find writing with a pen more satisfying than tap-tap-tapping, and would find it more rewarding to influence something more enduring than your wardrobe.

Photos by Patricia Suzara

Robe, belt, and lace-ups: all thrifted; shirt, G200; jeans, Maison Martin Margiela