Flight, fur, and denim jackets, pinstriped blazers, a linen shirt, and more

Fur jacket 01

First I saw it, then looked again, thinking it was ridiculous. Then I remembered December in -15 degree Beijing, wearing a puffer with fur on the hood. I didn't like that jacket that much. I could have worn this instead.

Fur jacket 02

So of course I bought it, thinking of future (hopefully impending) trips. Just think deeply about it. Taste, but more sense: the label caught me off-guard as well.

Flight jacket 01

This took less consideration. Looks like an old bag, used every day for years. Marked by places and turns of events. It weighs heavier though than your typical weekender.

Flight jacket 02

According to Wiki, Avirex was fonded in 1975 to keep on producing traditional World War II-style pilot jackets, among other garments, issued to the then USAAF. I don't know why its website is currently out of commission.

Flight jacket 03

This is what is on the lining. I suppose this is what the soldiers wore on their backs while they had folded pin-ups in their pockets. I wonder if the other members of the Allied Forces were as cheerful.

Flight jacket 04

A closer look at the tag. 1978.

Flight jacket 05

Now this part made me think twice if the jacket was genuine. Why Italy? And how did it reach Japan? (The thrift store I bought it in mostly had goods from Japan.)

Must admit the other tag contained something new for me. I suppose the jacket I got never went to the dry cleaners. Note that "old leather" is trademarked. Another cause for doubt.

Flight jacke 06

There are parts where the leather is cracked and worn, but that didn't stop me. Another detail of note: the zipper with its leather pull-handle that matched the brand tag.

Sheer blazer 01

Now this picture doesn't do justice to this sheer pinstriped blazer for spring. Promise to show you in a future cameo. I love the double pinstripe with a very subtle cross-hatch.

Sheer blazer 02

But this is what really got me ecstatic (and I'm rarely ecstatic about anything) about this blazer: the double back vents and the flap that reminds me of doors for dogs in kitchens.

Can't wait to wear this blazer, which is perfect for summer. A dream actually for the coming seasonal furnace.

Black pinstripe

This is a heavier blazer, which perhaps should be confined to the office or during summer nights. It's in black and its"pinstripes" are actually white, red, and green dots.

Denim jacket 01

Now, as with the fur and flight jackets, I've also never had a denim jacket before. Guess I was waiting for the right design, fit, and fabric. I never expected to find something I quite liked in a flea market.

What drew me to this were the vertical pleats beside the placket, together with the horizontal stitching. Also the the diagonal at the pocket. Seemingly very minor things that caught my eye.

Denim jacket 02

I like the fact that the jacket is adjustable. Given that it already fits, the back buttons make good details.

Ties and belt

A forest green wool tie (rightmost), a silk tie with a nice pattern, and a cord, which I plan on using as a belt.

Blue obi

Also found this beautiful obi (kimono not included). Originally thought of using it as fabric for pouches for my necklaces, but am still thinking about it since cutting up the fabric will be a shame.

Red linen shirt

Winding down, here is a linen shirt in a shade of chestnut or terra cotta, with mother of pearl buttons. Another find for summer.

Cream polo shirt

And lastly, a cream-colored polo shirt which is part-shiny and part-sheer. Just the way I like it.